Ranger Leadership Part II.

Greystoke Shadow Rangerto Dunccan, Knight

You are right Sir, in the fact that I did not know Ragar at all. The qualities you have described and what I have heard from others leads me to believe I would have had great respect for the man. But the fact remains Ragar is no longer our GM or is he

in the land. Ender is, and his daily efforts and contributions to the guild as a whole can not be denied by anyone that is in the Know. You are not in the know unfortunately, so you do not see the accomplishments he has obtain for the guild and its m

embers. You only see his actions as a Thakarian Baron and you have a sworn oath to defend the land against Thakaria.

Only the Rangers can change their Leadership, but I see none that want this change. Why does this discussion continue on the Public BB then? This seems to be more of a personal matter between you and ender, and I ask you to keep it as such.

Again to all in Avalon, I appologise that you must read this stuff on the public bb.



Written by my hand on the 20th of Springflower, in the year 1086.