you are mistaken.

Dunccan, Knightto Born to Be Wyldefyre Dancing Bear

I apologize my lady wyldefyre if you took that post in reference to yourself.

As for herbs and poisons and me asking. as i recall i took whatever you gave me be it the smallest of the small herb or the huge supplies of yester year with equal aplomb and thankfullness.

As i took a no from you as well with a nod and a hug.

Sadly it seems my lady wyldefyre that you also in addition to posting on the wrong board, wrongly take credit for posts not directed at you.

Ill take your msg to me as a joke, and your post i will take with a sense of humour. But I only give two chances to people, even my friends. And as you saw fit to insult my honor on this board tying my post and the words i said to your negative to giv

ing me herbs

As if i was a beggar and nothing more... and an ungratefull one at that, i expect an apology on this board. IF that is my friendship means anything at all to you.

As per greystoke, you didnt know ragar as i knew ragar.

He did something ender never will hope to do, he fought even though he knew he would lose, and did it with grace. NEVER did i hear ragar rant and rave, never did i see him act overtly cowardly, he always played on telnet NEVER had a decent client

He always knew he was a mediocre fighter. and that NEVER stopped him from trying his best to save a small squires life, and never stopped him from staying the knight burnout.

Ender will never be a Ragar, ender is a trifle, and i can think of 2 or 3 rangers who would be a much better guildmaster than he i shant name them but there are 2 men and a woman in my mind.

Oh and BTW, ENDER, in Ragars days the rangers never needed posting lessons.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Springflower, in the year 1086.