While I do not know about this ongoing need of your to slander Blotto, I do know this. I was present when Blotto challenged you last night. I was present also while you sat in the pool of life, unwilling to meet her in an honorable challenge.

Now, my dear Sir, you say none of Blotto's city mates have stepped up to her defense?

I say this here and now, I respect Blotto as a fighter tremedously. I admire her principles and her strengths. Who she choses as friends are no concern of mine, nor should they be yours.

So in the most kind words I can muster up Sir. I would suggest if you want to take a bash at Blotto, leave the pool and do so with words or do the rest of us a favor and keep such postings to yourself.

I would support Blotto, any day, any time, any where and I would do so with a smile a mile long.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Springflower, in the year 1086.