Sir Kes the Flashing Bladeto Blotto, The Red Tide

You are not a warrior, you are a poor excuse for even being part of parrius.

You are just another lacky with no brains, and as for aiding anyone to kill me, thats just another excuse

to help the dark side sitting in the northwest. Funny how none of your guild or even city stands up for you

well maybe tetsuo and grahjhl will since they are the ones trying to raise the longnight. An evil sect

aided by thakria sitting in the northeast.

You have shown nothing but contempt for your guild and your city and I keep wondering why if you are the

only one who keeps your guild alive, why there are no other warriors on.

Orielle perhaps it is best that you stay out of this as your word is like bile from the face of a rabid dog.

You are part of the darkside now blotto, and there is no turning back, your actions here in this land

show you for what you are and that is just another sheep following the bullies because fear. Makes you

wonder how you can look at yourself in a mirro knowing that no one but the thaks and the longnight cultists

use you, because they know how brain dead you are.

If you had any warrior blood in you, you would have resigned from your guild and your city long ago when you

decided to side with your city and guild enemies.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Cloudburst, in the year 1086.