Laugh, I did.

Chaotic Ender, Thakrian Rangerto Everyone

Inshallah, I have a little puzzle for you, can you tell me what all these muppets have in common?

Bumble - A failed pacifist (though how you can fail at that I'm not sure), given the power of chosen one without ever displaying the wherewithal to earn the title. Does little more than mine, mix and hug.

Duroc - The Ultimate in failed warriors, pacifist warrior (how does that work exactly) pissed off so many people in his guild and hometown that he was cast of from both.

Fredegar - Possibly the most killed man in Avalon, despite having a full set of loremaster skills AND a divine gift of flight above the heavens. Something that he had stolen from him so many times they had to implant the power into him.

Kes - Where do you start, psychopath pool hugging foulmouthed yob just above covers it. The lest respected knight in the land?

Anjiin - Who? Oh yeah the mage who knows so much and does so little.

Maiya - Ah... save the best for last they always told me, what can you say about Maiya that hasn't already been said. Arguably the most hated person in the land, finally quit cos she couldn't take being responsible for her own actions.

It's a great line-up. Can anyone else spot the fact that links all these names together? Check their help files. Talk about a bunch of clowns.

Ender, Leader of the Ranger.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Eleuthral, in the year 1086.