Dunccan, Knightto Beren, Ranger of Springdale

To lead is to serve, not be served, if ender loved the guild as much as Ragar did, he MIGHT even with all his (cowardly actions) and (petty activities) be a leader

As he has no love but to himself, No matter what he may say, he will never be a true leader. mabey a boss, or a commander, but not have true leadership.

it is easy. very easy to show someone where the path is. and TELl them to walk it.

It is something else all together. to walk the path. WITH someone.

It is the duty of a leader, To walk ahead of the path so you do not fall, and to carry you when you do. ask yourself this.

Does ender. walk with you, ahead of you? or does he tell you wich way you should go. think on that.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Agamnion, in the year 1085.