GM Quest Scavenger Hunt.

Born to be Wyldefyreto Everyone

GM Quest Scavenger Hunt

With respect to our Patron and on my gentle nature, I have apprehensive feelings about this quest. Out of respect to our Patron I agree to it, but I ask my brother and sister rangers to PLEASE do it with honour.

Please challenge if at all possible, jump if you have to. Please try not to team.

Stripping an opponnent will earn you my disfavour.

Act as a Ranger. Fierce, Loyal, True, Strong and Brave. Use your claws, teeth and skills of the forest to outwit your opponent. but do not act like the jackle who jumps, kills, steals and runs away

Fight hard my family, but bring honour to this guild by respecting your oponnent

For the glory of our Patron, for the Honour of our guild, with respect and courtesy to all life in avalon

Written by my hand on the 29th of Paglost, in the year 1085.