your weak spineless souls.

Satori Fireforge, Defying the Whims of Foolsto Everyone

Get your damn acts together. It's Parrius's fault Thakria kicked your ass... it's Parrius's fault that the Cultist's are trying to put the Longnight up. Well here's a fucking wake up call for you...

It's yer own damn fault. You canm pass the buck onto us all you want, but it makes no damn difference. YOU fucked up as bad as we did. more so, because WE accept responsibility for our screw up, which is more that a lot of weak minded grease spots in

this land ever do.

here's an idea for ya all... try getting of yer whining asses and actually DOING something, instead of bending our ears and trying to put the blame for all your pathetic little screw ups on us.

Have a nice fucking day

Written by my hand on the 18th of Agamnion, in the year 1084.