The treaty of Thakria and Mercinae, of the year 1084.

Diplomat Ender, Thakrian Rangerto Everyone

The following two post are the full and complete terms for the treaty of Thakria and Mercinae, 1084.

1) TERM - The treaty will carry a term of 20 Avalon years.

2) FORTIFICATIONS - Thakria will leave troops stationed on the Mercinae Northgate Fortifications until the final payment of the REPARATIONS is paid to Thakria in full. Mercinae will raise and not lower her Eastern and River fortifications for the dura

tion of the treaty.

3) TROOPS - No Mercinae City or Guild troops will be permitted to march outside of the city limits and NO foreign troops will be permitted to march INTO Mercinae for the duration of the treaty.

3b) Only the Thakrian troops left stationed on or north from the Northgate fortifications will be excluded from this term of this treaty, and once the final payment has been made Thakria will withdraw ALL troops from Mercinae city limits within 1 Aval

on year.

4) STAVES - Mercinaen citizens will not fell staves, or assist in the felling of staves within Thakrian city limits.


Written by my hand on the 11th of Midsummer, in the year 1084.