Palinto Post-War Sturm Dark Blade, The Knight
Paladins are a VERY difficult character to play as they are very strict in  what they do, they MUST attack all evil players constantly or they lose there abilities, if challenge they MUST fight to the death, and im afraid in avalons current state a paladin wouldnt stand a chance, also paladins do not get magical skills, they get spiritual things and more earthly  abilities, charming would definitly not be a good idea, the point of the knights sturm was for them NOT to have magical abilities, when you see the new aditions that genesis is making im sure you will forget about becoming a paladin, as it seems to me you are just getting bored of the knights skills, tho they ARE one of the most powerfull skills in avalon if used in the correct way.   Prince Palin, Ultimate Cavalier, Lord of Ladakh.