Inshallahto Everyone

It seems that in the treaty between Thakria and Mercinae the members of my guild are to be victimised and scapegoated. They are asked to choose between city and guild. A choice which is theirs to make at will, not anyone elses to dictate.

Signing of this treaty would be an attack on me personally and I shall react accordingly.

If it were YOUR guild or YOUR city and I were YOUR patron you would expect me to do no less.

I expect some tit for tat, petty revenge style reactions from certain quarters, the same certain quarters than baited me into this position.

They are, after all, master baitors.

One barony victimises my guild, the other seeks to scapegoat their own failures by allowing this to happen.

Next they'll be building ghettos.......or camps.......

My name is Inshallah --------- Kiss my Alkar

Written by my hand on the 16th of Paglost, in the year 1084.