DOH! Wrong BB.

Loremaster Yairito Lohrtar Silvermoon, Homo Habilis

Your misplaced post speaks volumes as to WHY Mercinae continues to

fail as a city. Mercinae simply refuses to see herself as an independent

entity and instead seeks to gain strength through solidarity, alliances

and \"lovefests\" with other cities. This behavior is the source of

pejorative terms like \"huggie\" and \"Mercdale\" and is the main reason

your city never has been able to stand on her own feet.

Even when Parrius and Thakria were on very good terms with each

other, individual Thakrians and Parrians continued to attack and kill

each other at will. Both cities viewed those attacks as being

INDIVIDUAL, not CITY actions. Mercinae constantly seeks to blur that

distinction which serves only to relegate Mercinae to the status of

suburb. Mercinae continues to welcome citizens belonging to the guilds

of other cities. Mercinae has never understood that the OBJECTIVE of

homogenization is to PREVENT the cream from rising to the top.

I would point out that the reason Thakria invaded Parrius was because

YOUR leaders drew her into the Thakrian-Mercinian war. The reason

Parrius still stands strong is because she (unlike Mercinae) accepted

her defeat (and her mistake) with honour and dignity.

Parrius may or may not have good reasons or plans to strike down

Thakria. But the bottom line is if she DOES ever invade us, it will be for

HER reasons, not for yours.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Springflower, in the year 1084.