As it now stands, a treaty exists and Thakria is acting in good faith

according to its terms. We have repositioned our troops and have moved

many of them back home.

Thus far, it seems that Mercinae is ALSO acting (although not sounding)

in good faith according to the terms. I have heard no reports of harvest

interference, troop excursions, city bonding or stave felling since the

signing. Although Mercinae has yet to raise her eastern and river

fortifications, we can be generous and call this a minor \"technical\"

violation. As Mercinae still has no Prince, we also excuse you for not

YET making your appeal to Lord Apollo. Even YOU acknowledge the

treaty with your post #19801 in which you say you intend to \"break the

treaty and thus nullify it\". How can you break something that doesn't


As both sides apparently agree there is a treaty, we see no point in

pestering the God of Time for his take on its \"validity\". It validity is proven

by its very existence.

The first true test of compliance (assuming no gross violations

In the interim) will occur somewhere around noon (by the Avalon clock)

on February 13 (more preciously, the 17th day of Mournsend, 1084).

If, on that date, there still remain Artisan guild members with Mercinian

citizenship, we will consider Mercinae to be in gross violation of the

treaty and we will march back inside your city.

At this point in time, Mercinae is free to commence her rebuilding

process without fear from our troops. However, given your announced

intention to \"break the treaty\", rebuilding MIGHT be an exercise in futility.

We can afford, and we are prepared, to keep our troops on your north

gates until hell freezes over. How long can you afford to wait?

Written by my hand on the 30th of Hindyear, in the year 1083.