Ranger joke per your request.

Born to be Wyldefyreto Wraith

My lord, in thanks for your assistance at rescuing 50 drunken rangers, here is the joke I promised. As I cannot post on your order bb, I hopee others will forgive the public forum.

50 Drunk Rangers walked into a bar in Eleusis and got drunk on tizer and ale. They argued amongst themselves who was the best archer in the land.

The Archery contest fell down to three contestants: Myth, Korinal and Keldor.

Myth shot an arrow from his crossbow. It sliced through the air and punched a perfect hole in Greystoke's pipe.

\"Holy Smoke! \" cried the rangers.

Korinal scoffed \"That was nothing! I have been shooting targets before myth was in tights! \" He strode to the window and shot an arrow through the trees aiming for the eleusis jetty. Unfortunately he was a little drunk and the arrow shot off the bellt

ower and hit Plaman's pet cow Bessie.

\"Holy Cow! \" cried the rangers.

\"Outta my way! \" Boomed Keldor, setting the barmaid back on her feet. He stumbled over to the window and fixeed his arrow to his bow. +

Just then Ender arrived and said \"There you all are! I have been looking for you. Who left their PIPE on the floor? \"

As Ender bent to get the pipe, Keldor lost his grip and shot Ender in the ass.

Ender growled in anger. Turned into a bear and faced his drunken rangers.

\"Ok, ok, who just shot me in the ass! \"

\"Holy crap\" cried the rangers...

With much thanks for your assistance

Written by my hand on the 28th of Hindyear, in the year 1083.