India and her Authority.

I was dealing with Fistandantilus when the news broke of his questioning. At that time (several days ago) I broke off talks with him until I had it confirmed by at least one of your barons that he still held the Authority of Prince.

When that was finally confirmed, I could check the name of the baron who confirmed it if you need, I continued talks with him. At that point he passed the right to sign this treaty over to Chronos and the talked continued.

As you know Chronos was unable to attend the final treaty talks and so, again after speaking with your Prince (as he was then) I had it confirmed to me that the Mercinae Minister of Foreign Affairs would be allowed to sign on behalf of Mercinae. The

very reason this title exists is for avoiding war, during war and bringing peace.

In my eyes, and the eyes of Thakria, this treaty was signed and is binding. Everything was check and cross checked, the signing was witnessed by The Lord of Time himself.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Hindyear, in the year 1083.