Mercinaen/Thakrian treaty.

Omacron SilverWings o'er the Seato Everyone

I would like to voice the opposition of many in Mercinae to this supposed treaty!

India has no authority to sign for Mercinae, she is not a baron and Fistandantilus

is no longer prince either!

The barons of Mercinae had no input in this process and at least two of us

will not support this treaty. Speaking for myself and I believe Herbie as well,

I will not recognize this treaty and i fully intend to violate it! As we are both

barons of Mercinae and elders of the artisans guild we can not forcibly be

ejected from either ( at least not by a mortal).

I would welcome a treaty with Thakria for Mercinae but not one that affects guild

decisions and certainly not one that is not aggreed to by a reigning prince

and the barons of Mercinae.

The treaty signed by India should be treated exactly as what it is a treaty with

India! A treaty with Mercinae can only be agreed upon by its barons and this one has

not been!

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Hindyear, in the year 1083.