your post.

Your city lays in ashes. Your army vanquished by our army which was led by Yairi's leadership and planning throughout much of the campaign and you still dare to comment and question on warfare? You moved how many troops exactly when Mercinae raided

Thakria and the downfall of your own city? I believe none as you hide behind pacifism because 'I don't have the skills'.

On that issue it is well known and documented in the land I have little use, patience or respect for pacifists. You are the shinning example why. You demean the true pacifists who abhor violence and instead whine oh I don't have the skills so let me

use some protection then maybe I can get some skills and fight. That line of thinking is an insult to fighters both meek and great who toil and earn their way in the land from all cities and is a reason why you will never truly compare to even the w

orst fighter who tries.

It is also a huge insult to the true pacifists out there who actually dislike violence instead of using it as a holiday because th ey can't hack it.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1083.