Treaty & my feelings so far.

Young Mage Elisin, Swashbuckler Extraordinaireto Everyone

Hello all,

I didn't get a chance to read this newest version of the treaty until after it

was signed by India, in front of Genesis. But would still like to express my

feelings all the same.

Before I begin I'd like to congratulate Thakria and it's citizens on running a

good campaign and being victorious in there goal of destroying Mercinae. Good

job, and nice show of teamwork.

Now to the meat of this post...

Daily since I did my first quests upon entering the lands I've listened to you

Thakrians bellow insult and blow hot air in shout, obviously you either think

we wish to hear this, or you in some way feel inferior to us that you need to

sit there night after night and brag about your skills. Either way I'm glad I

can make myself deaf so that I don't need to listen to you any more.

I'd like to also voice that although you did beat Mercinae for some reason I

do not think most of your citizens have the skills needed to peel a potato let

alone kill anyone your own size, since I entered the land I've seen 2 maybe 3

people from your city who actually battle people of their own skill level the

rest of you get enjoyment and feel you can't fight anything over half your


As for the treaty...

Even though I might get zapped repeatedly for voicing my opinion, I find it

extremely unfair and disappointing that anyone would consider guilds in a

city's treaty. As I have said before and although this may not be true here

in this land the guild supports the city and in turn the city supports the

guild as a mutual thing not as a single entity but as two separate entities.

For Genesis or anyone to allow the Artisians to choose between being thrown out and

deserting there guilds in a treaty seems a big ludicrous and for Thakria to

even think they could or had a right to demand it is even worse. If the guild

chooses Mercinae's ashes to your dreary land then so be it, it's their choice

and not yours the guild wasn't your enemy the city was.

Again in clause 6 your try to force a guild to do something I don't believe

you have the right and can't believe you have the audacity to even think you

do have the right to demand. What a guild does is none of Mercinae's business

as long as they pay there tax's and do their part for the city that harbors


I could go on to say that your demanding gods to do anything in a treaty is

laughable at best, and even suggesting it I would expect Thakria to lay in

ashes at this very moment because obviously you all think you are equal to

the gods to put demands on them, but such as it is in this newest version you

ask us to request that Lord Apollo remove his temple (which I personally;wouldn't mind in the least) instead of demanding we try to force him to move

it as in the past versions of it.

You also wish to build a temple of a god of your own choosing in Mercinae, all

I have to say is if your god chooses to have a temple of his in Mercinae he

can't like it much where he is now can he, and he'd probably be shown a lot

more respect here than there at any rate.

In my own uneducated assumptions of the Thakrian nation I see a lot of hot air

blowing, to big for their britches, demanding what they have no right to have,

spoiled children who somehow managed to, through there own spoiled rotten, evil,

scheming minds have somehow managed to defeat their adults and rebel while they

where not looking.

Now that I've spewed to my hearts content I'll gladly be the first to admit I

don't know all the subtle reasons behind your motives but even if I had been

informed I would believe you had overstepped your bounds as mortals and am

amazed the gods have seen fit to let you continue with your worthless ramblings.

In closing I'd like to suggest that all retaliating posts be placed in the fighters section where they most likely will belong.



Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1083.