and others.

Anjiinto Loremaster Yairi, man of peace

Yairi : You didn't answer my question. As the Field Marshall, isn't it a tad laughable that you didn't realise that smaller legions can cause far more damage than a single larger legion ?

Before you question me (sensible questions only), I suggest you get your smug backside off your high horse and get a grip on your own personal abilities.

As to anybody else that wants to spout on about my PW status, it's quite simple if you look at my helpfile - I have low guild skills - beginner rits and gm candescence if you really want to know. When I get these up, I will quite happily vapourise mo

st of the current batch of monkies posting about my PW status on the BB. The others will certainly have a damned good fight.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Ilmarael, in the year 1083.