Ender, Thakrian Rangerto Anjiin

Simply put, it really doesn't matter how many troops you have if you don't have the opportunity to command them. In short, neither Parrius nor Mercinae had the fighter support to use their larger armies to defeat Thakria on the battlefield.

Even when, under the misguided leadership of Cordon, the Parrian army marched at a time of IT's OWN choosing and with the support of its fighter base they failed. The fighters in Thakria quickly defeated not only Parrius, but Mercinae and those (not

all) from Springdale who chose to help Cordon.

You can't win a war with NO fighters. Parrius has FAR too many Pacifists and those brave few who did stand up to fights us, Zheredan, Tetsuo etc were no match for a united Thakria. I knew we had nothing to fear when Maiya held onto her DP and starte

d spamming us with dramatic mime, thats right even those who now start to 'talk the talk' failed to stand up and be counted when it mattered.

You don't fight a war you can't win. Parrius were wise.


Written by my hand on the 14th of Cloudburst, in the year 1083.