And The rest of Parrius.

Maiya, Queen of the Sirensto Zheredan Al'Nezraar

I, Maiya of the four corners of Avalon, promise to wreak havoc upon your city

and all of your citizens from this day forth.

The strength of your city failed the moment you signed that contract, Zheredan.

Your lack of faith, valor, commitment and neutrality has already destroyed Parrius.

You may have saved your army, but I guarantee your city will be quite less proud

of what is to come. You've had this coming for far too long now. I laid off of

your city midway through my seerhood out of pity for you all. It is quite lucid

now that you have wished a return to this state. May all Parrians look toward

the south and north cities as their new home. Anyone that remains will be a puppet

to my voice.

You have failed yourselves. I pray your other custodians appeal this treaty

signing and begin to see the Parrian victory that is literally within your own


I can't speak any further. I am too sick to think about this.

Pray for your lives,

Queen Maiya, of the Siren Song

Written by my hand on the 27th of Mournsend, in the year 1083.