Guild items

Elvironto Maeve the Royal Irish Ranger

You are in no sense of the word an \"incompetent\" baron! The trouble is that the items listed in the CITY TYPES LIST should include ALL guild items for at least all guilds based in our city, but preferrably all guilds. Otherwise, where are guild items to be obtained from? In the old pre-trade/fashion system, an item could be put into the city stores and a \"clone\" (or a number of clones) could be ordered and made that way. The trouble with that system was if a baron allocated the last item of a type to a guild or a stall, there was no original to base clones on and therefore no more could be made. The new system is better in that respect, but falls short of the ideal in that we are unable to add or remove items from the list of things that our city can fashion. Perhaps a god reading this could consider the matter and make the necessary modifications to the system such that we are able to provide for the guilds as we should be able to? Elviron the Capricious Animist