Loremaster Yairi, man of peaceto Everyone

To the people of Mercinae.

In the year 977, Thakria was invaded and totally razed by the Mercinian

army. We were left without a single barracks, shop, or commodity shed.

Our State and Chancellery buildings were leveled. Our guildhalls were

looted. Our armies were destroyed.

Mercinae took all of our SOI right up to our southern gates.

Opportunistic Springdale took all of our northeastern SOI. Our Institute

was closed. We could not feed our own people. We were totally alone

and we were forced to look within.

In the more than 100 years since that time, the citizens of Thakria have

worked tirelessly to rebuild, recover, and recapture our lost glory. First

we took our vengeance on Springdale. Now we have taken our rightful

vengeance on Mercinae.

The Barony of Thakria will soon deliver our city's terms for peace. I

suggest you all readbb public 13997 and see what you and your

forefathers forced upon us. I personally lived through those dark times

and I remember them well. I have dedicated my entire life to repaying

Mercinae and I am now fulfilled. For that pleasure I thank my brothers

and sisters who TOGETHER made this happen.

Thakria recovered. You too can recover but only if you develop a

complete and unbreakable sense of community. Stop the petty

infighting that has made Mercinae the laughing stock of Avalon from

time to time. Look to each other and not towards yourselves. Show the

strength of character needed for YOUR dark times ahead.

Thakria will give you the opportunity to rebuild. Take this opportunity

and don't squander it as you have every other opportunity you have

been given in the past.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Mournsend, in the year 1083.