Magess India of Mercinaeto Everyone

Contrary to Plaman's post, I believe both the Mercinean raid on Thakria and the final Thakrian assault were timed to coincide with times when the defending city was empty.

In fact the Mercinean raid was planned in a day and executed over 10 hours the next day, precisely because Thakria was empty. It was a thing of great beauty, extreme risk and close timings and surprisingly went absolutly to plan.

Indeed, Thakria were lucky, if my knowledge of your streets were better we would have come away with more, but alas, it wasn't so.

The raid started off the destruction of Mercinae, I admit that, and marching my raiding 2k into a barracked 40k perhaps brought home to me exactly what it was we would be up against.

The defences for Mercinae were upgraded from that day forward and we were fully prepared for the attacking legions, to the best of our abilities. In fact I was rather surprised at the size of force marched against us, Thakria obviously had rations to


The final Thakrian assault was in preparation when I arrived for my morning scout at 8am Friday. Not as Plaman posts a big Mercinae time, in fact, normally I too would have only stayed 10 minutes, but for a day off. If I had not been present (perhaps

as planned) my legions would have been unbannered for the whole day.

So, a well planned march by Thakria. Had they waited another day, my bannered legions would have marched out Friday afternoon (fortunate I had a day off eh?) in defence and done significant damage to the slow moving 40k.

And so we are where we are, razed, awaiting terms. As for comms, you may well have overestimated what Mercinae actually had to start with. It's not that long since Zenichiro brought Parrian troops in.

Take your legions home, place your generals back into retirement and let us rebuild.


, Field Marshall of Mercinae (recruits welcome)

Written by my hand on the 28th of Midsummer, in the year 1082.