Resume' comparison.

Loremonger Yairito Archmage Fistandantilus

So good to hear from you old boy. You said, and I quote, \"First off,

Yairi, you have spent 5 years of absolutely nothing in this land. \" Is that

so? Let's compare resumes' shall we?

To begin with, I freely admit that I am a crappy fighter. You can beat

me. You win! Now, let's see what else you have on me.

I have served as a city official for nearly 100 years of my life. I was

instrumental in rebuilding Thakria after the Mercinae invasion. I was

instrumental in repelling TWO separate invasion attempts by Springdale

one of them almost single-handedly). I was instrumental in Thakria's

invasion of Springdale. I was instrumental in a raid on Merciane. And

then there is this current destruction of your city, in which I played a

small role.

I have held the offices of Prince, Baron, Trade Minister, State Minister,

Field Marshall, and Chancellor. (Thakria grew while I was Prince.

Mercinae burned during your tenure.) I have served as Master of my

guild for longer than anyone else has in this land. My guild is rich,

secure, large and happy. I hold the city rank of Duke, a rank I earned

not once but THREE times. I am a Priest in my Order.

Now, aside from becoming a mid-level fighter AND demonstrating why

petulant little boys should NEVER be given positions of authority, just

what the hell have you done here?

Oh, and of course I didn't stay with my legions all the time they were

marching. I trained my legions well and they are quite capable of

following a simple marching command. (The men we conscripted from

Mercinae DID require intensive remedial training however.)

Written by my hand on the 15th of Midsummer, in the year 1082.