Loremonger Yairito Everyone

This post is to the people of Parrius.

You made a HUGE mistake. Thakria had no designs on you or yours.

But you just HAD to stick your nose into our little party in Mercinae.

Your marching legions, under the incredibly incompetent generalship of

Cordon and his minions, have all been destroyed. If he marches more

men at us, they will likewise be ground under the boots of the Thakrian army.

You should know by now that Cordon is, at best, a raving egomaniac.

At worst he is a selfish, delusional moron with both a short attention

span (see his help file) and virtually NO military experience. He will tire

of this and leave you hanging in the wind. He cares little for your city -

he cares only for himself and his dreams of glory. We know there are

reasonable people in Parrius who opposed this attempted intervention.

Listen to them. Learn from your mistake and STAY OUT OF THIS. This

is NOT your battle.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Midsummer, in the year 1082.