Bugs, Ideas.

Elvironto Anarchos, God of Chaos

Thanks for the reminder about the commands IDEA, BUG and INFO. I reckon I must use BUG at least 40 times a week and IDEA a few times as well. I can see SOME point in not replying to BUG reports, though if it is the umpteenth spelling mistake I have reported, I would be fairly certain that I am not reporting soon-to-be-announced features! However, people might use these commands a bit more if SOME appreciation was shown, particularly for the IDEA command. Even a poor idea shows that the player is thinking of ways to make the game better, which is laudable. Having lost count of the number of BUGs I have reported simply because I wish to make Avalon better, I am reconciled to the fact that some of what I say must be used since quite often, the bug is corrected next time on. Sometimes I do get a msg from a god, telling me about the bug, but only very occasionally. I feel that in dilligently reporting bugs as found I am performing a service to Avalon, which leaves me slightly at a loss to explain the lack of ap

reciation shown by the \"powers that be\" - one such being even told me \"Favour must be maintained, mortal\". Very nice indeed!