and Fireforge.

Dear Fireforge, whom do you propose to send our backsides shipping? You? I hope

not. You do not have the skill required to defeat myself or some of the other

Sorcerers, nor do any in your city.

And to Parnassus... We win against several guilds every single day so nothing else

is new. You say all of whom are bigger than us. I hope you mean in number, because

there are only a few people who can defeat me. Quality, not quantity. You'll learn


On a final note... how do you intend to call us an amusing joke? Do you think that

when the forest will no longer bear herbs and poisons, it will be funny? Or maybe

you think it's funny when I rip your soul from your body or choke the life force

from your pathetic body every time I encounter you?


Written by my hand on the 24th of Springflower, in the year 1082.