Rape of the Forests.

Druid Squirrelfish, Le Tenebreuxto Everyone

As the sheer size of the recent burning of the Greenwood by the Scorcerors becomes clear to me, I find it both offensive to my Guild and the Land as a whole. The Forests of Avalon are sacred and ultimately tied irrevokably to its future.

As a message to all that think mindlessly destroying these majestic areas is acceptable I hereby place the entire Guild of Scorcerors on the Animist Blacklist indefinately. No help will be forthcoming in any form from my Guild to theirs.

The Forests and woods of Avalon are NOT and never will be the play things of pyromaniacs and those that disrespect life in its most abundant form. Further desecration will result in hard response from both the Animists and the Rangers.

Squirrelfish, Guildmaster of the Animists.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Springflower, in the year 1082.