Ender, Thakrian Rangerto Everyone

On this day, the 20th of Cloudburst in the Year 1082, the Guild Master of the Sorcerers working with help from Mohrion set the vast majority of the Greenwood ablaze. As a result of their actions all herbs and poisons growing in effected areas have be

en lost.

The Rangers guild working along side the Animists guild worked hard to control the fires and refoliate the effected areas, little was saved, but the forest will survive.

From this day forth the Rangers guild officially withdraws all support from all members of the Sorcerers guild for crimes against the forests. No sorcerers will receive herbs or poisons or any sort from Rangers. I urge all professions with the abili

ty to pick follow suit, Animists, Mages, Knights and Bandits.

Ender, Guildmaster of the Rangers.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Cloudburst, in the year 1082.