You Hysterical bastard, you.

Seriously, meerkat, I'm glad you posted what could be your own undoing.

Gamut can think whatever he wants, but when we speak with each other, he asks me

a lot of questions and I answer him, sometimes spending an hour of my time or more

making sure he understands everything. He has asked me what he can do for the guild

and I tell him to get little commodities and things he can do to raise his labours

skills and help the guild simultaneously. I've taught him far more than most

Guildmasters in this realm have taught and I haven't even begun his training.

If Gamut said that to you it was most likely just to play into your hands and

soak any information out of you that would be pertinent to my safety or the guilds.

The boy does have some amazing acting abilities and I have taught him those as well.

My guildmembers are the most loyal to me and I to them, something you could never

possibly understand, being the Parrian spy you are. Oh But maybe I'm just making

that up. Or maybe I'm not. Like others have said on this board, you are certainly

not to be trusted.

I'll leave it to everyone else to experience your treachery in its fullest.

Good day, desperado.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Mournsend, in the year 1082.