Blondie Tavor Clemenceto Aja, Raven of the Greenwood

Now answer me this you idiot! It's the most simple thing in the world to criticise but the hardest thing in the world to be pleased.

Herbie the monkey's arse had been to the clap clinic because he had gotten 'A Bad One'. I don't really think it is paricularily interesting for the board to know this.

This is absolutely the last time I am gonna let myself be humiliated into writing stuff THAT HAS to be written on the bb if Avalon has to continue.

No matter what will be written later on the board this world is about THIS CLOSE to be shut down, and all you stupid idiots (Wanna-bees) that all picture yourself as great leaders because you can destroy destroy and destroy, are the ones Avalan will

be better without. I am certainly not gonna be around here for at least a fornight ( if ever ) for really this stupid world is for anyone that really knows anything about role-playing, it's an insult to 'scared' by people like you Anal that won't let

anyone mind their own business. And by the way you fucking loser in real life, I've been shut down more than once for my ravings.

If I haqd any power in Avalon, I would have you killed for this until you quit together with such people as Herbie the dipstick, Plaman the COMMON THIEF, so that Avalon could be a place to relex.

You have no contact with the real world at all. Avalon should be a place to relax and enjoy friendship etc. A place where people chat. Not a place where stupid cows like you get to get their way.

This will probably also be censored, but it's real easy when to exist when you're as STUPID as you...

Calling me a wanna-bee and a madman. Shame on you. I hope you're bullied into quitting you pregnant sun-scorched thirsty Sahara lizard.

Fuck yours sincerely sow-wallowing monkey's arse no thanks Tavor

Written by my hand on the 27th of Midwinter, in the year 1082.