Let me get this straight.

First off you jump me, after managing to stave you off, you ran to the pool and popped out long enough to issue a challenge which I accepted. You then won the challenge, but not without having stripped two pouches off of me first. I then go to merci

nae to request the return of said pouches and you respond by dragging me into a stockroom to finish your strip job.

Now the problem in your eyes comes in where your little strip job was interrupted by solan and gaar, Now because you lost that shops inventory in your attempt to strip me you are claiming injustice and demanding the return of your items, all the whil

e threatening the young of Thakria, and to top it all of you complain about teaming!

I can understand your chagrin, but the logic behind your convoluded threats escapes me. You pull a string of low dishonorable tactics, get burnt for it, and instead of smartening up you pull another string of dishonorable tactics.

Maybe it is time you sit back and wonder why no city will claim you as their own

Tleilaxu, For Thakria, For Magic, and For The Seers

Written by my hand on the 8th of Springflower, in the year 1079.