Oh me oh my! So much attention!.

Maiya, Queen of Sirensto Everyone

This is mostly for the Gods to read because I don't think any other mortals besides

the last few that posted give a crap.

Firstly, I summoned Tleilaxu into a mercinean stockroom and he died quite easily.

My point was to make him un-summonable by anyone, but I forgot about the

wonderfully cheap Necromancy skill of Vampirism. So I soon found Solan in the

stockroom of whom I dispatched of as well. Then, he simply sent a portal first

thing after ressing to his buddies, Sirwin and Gaar. Sorry, you guys finally

got me once 4 people showed up. Congrats. Now here is what happened.

They stole what was in the stockroom of course, and this was clearly my fault.

I have admitted this repeatedly. But what really f-ing irks me is that Solan

can just summon Tleilaxu or traverse to him wherever he is in Avalon at any

point in time. This is by far the most powerful skill in the game. No other

skill can compare to it, and although it is cured easily by Madabril it is hard

much harder to do it to your enemy without weapon usage. Especially in a 4-5

second window. Now I offered Gaar the choice of giving back the items he stole

from me or I would keep the ones I stripped off of Cleo. She was a patsy, yes.

Do I care? No. You know why? Because the items they stole were more than enough

to replace anything this poor little girl lost. That was my reasoning for doing it.

But you know what? This isn't what really concerns me. What concerns me is the

behaviour of grown men like Kodiak and Zenichiro refusing to challenge people like

moi and dunccan respectively. And then teaming us individually for no other reason

besides sadistic pleasure. Now to me, stripping somebody 1/4 your size is no

more despicable than a fighter teaming another fighter after they have issued

a challenge. In the help file of challenges, it clearly states that after

a challenge is issued, there is no excuse for the other party to turn it down.

Well I challenged you, Kodiak, and I had you beat. Bad. You chose to retract

the challenge and run to the Pool.

Now I direct my attention to the Divinities. I have been disfavoured for

choosing not to accept challenges, for speaking out against the atrocities that

occur in Avalon on a daily basis, and for well... for just being me.

It has been rumoured that the Gods are trying to stop teaming in Avalon. That

they look down on it. Do they? According to what I've seen in the last week

alone, they don't care at all. Even if they don't care about me, they don't care

about Dunccan, Krystal, Fistandantilus, and many others who are equally teamed

just as badly. This is a problem with Avalon whether you choose to admit it or

not. You know why Cleo was stripped so badly??? Because her citizens chose to

to let her get stripped. Quote from Gaar, \"I know, hon. Don't worry. I'll replace

everything when she is through with you. \"


For Gods' sake, she's 1/4 me. That's really not that small. Dirl and Joely

were stripping LW's dry. Zenichiro strips mercinean's 1/4 his size all the time.

I am rightfully pissed off. I have emotions too. Perhaps emotional problems.

Perhaps those emotional outbreaks are because shaftheads like my enemies refuse

to fight a fair fight and my friends refuse to team them in return because they

are beyond such pettiness.

Or maybe I am just psycho and will one day kill you all.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Springflower, in the year 1079.