Battle of Goblin Town.

Ender, Thakrian Rangerto Everyone

As the Sun-ship dipped below the horizon and the even-tide approached on the 21st day of Skyelong, 1078 the Rangers gathered from the four corners of the land. Gathering in the treetops high above the Greenwood we prepared ourselves for the coming ba


Under the cover of darkness two teams of Rangers led by Keldor and myself appeared in the heart of Goblin Town in a daring move we struck at the main force of the Uruk army. By dividing in two the Ranger forces were able to quickly sweep through the

rest of Goblin Town completing our invasion before the dawn light broke.

Lives were lost, blood was shed and every ranger tasted the blood of Orcs before the sun rose in the east. Never have I seen such unity and fortitude in the Rangers guild, in all my two hundred years in the guild, as I did on this day. I post this o

n the public area so the world can see just how powerful a force the Rangers can be when united and working toward a common goal.

Let it be known that the Rangers guild utterly defeated hordes of Goblin Town, once again the Rangers prove their dominance over our most ancient of enemies. Respect to the following for bravery over and beyond the call of duty, Keldor, Pahn, Dalgren

, Greystoke, Hudson, Wyldefyre, Warakurna, Gareon and Sugna.

I salute you all.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midsummer, in the year 1078.