Stone War.

Nostradamus, god of darknessto Everyone

Since the establishment of the new Seer code of conduct (commonly referred

to as a treaty although it is not) out of the three cities in the hot zone

only one, Thakria, have restocked their stalls with bountiful goods.


I can only summize from this one of three things, either the barons of the

other two cities are too lazy to stock their stalls, they have forgotten

how, or they do not trust the terms of the code of conduct, specifically

the one about how the gods will remove palantirs for 2 weeks from any

guild that is found to be in default of this agreement. There is a fourth

option and that is the city government are cynically attempting to

undermine this agreement for reasons only known to them by keeping the

citizens miserable and without goods, well this is a message to inform the

citizens of these cities that the reason you do not have goods in your

stalls anymore is nothing to do with farsight.

There have been certain individuals who are intent on 'pushing' the bounds

of this agreement and continue to proactively attack Seers based on fear

and ignorance of an ability they cannot otherwise control. With the current

content of the guild other than one or two exceptions this is essentially

bullying. I have warned each of these individuals in person, and this is

their final warning to them and their patrons - I *will* punish this

behaviour if it continues.

This message applies to everyone in every city, and one of the individuals

is, in fact, Thakrian.


Written by my hand on the 15th of Leaflost, in the year 1077.