Rangers Amnesty.

Ender, Thakrian Rangerto Everyone

As I am sure many of you are already aware, the Rangers guild is officially independent and will accept members from all cities. Historically the guild was aligned to Mercinae and held strong ties with the Animists, indeed there were several agreemen

ts and pacts that tied us to both city and guild.

On this day the Rangers guild officially terminate all existing agreements and bonds between us and all other guilds and cities. In light of this I have removed enemy status from all guilds and cities across Avalon (with the obvious exception of Gobl

in Town).

I extend this olive branch in the hope it will be accepted by the heads from each other guild return the favour in kind. Obviously, should Rangers be attacked in our guild houses then the aggressor's guild will have enemy status returned.

Ender, GuildMaster of the Rangers

Written by my hand on the 11th of Eleuthral, in the year 1077.