Nostradamus, god of darknessto Everyone

As one of the principal architects of modern farsight warfare I am able to

field questions of the nature 'what is the point of farsight if not to

rob shops'. Well you must first consider that at the time this intruiging

skillset was made into the way it functions now, shop stalls were not

physical locations one could simply enter or focus into. Farsight has

never been conceived as a tool to rob cities, the notion of such shows an

extreme narrow mindedness and lack of empathy with what the Seers are

actually about.

They are not tools of their city, they are a profession blessed with

abilities beyond the reckoning or power to control of others. The art of

fighting with farsight has all but been lost and what is left has been

replaced with coalesced stones. Seers no longer dwell brooding in their

towers meddling and interfering with all those that enter the realm of

their palantir's control but instead die like lemmings trying to fight

a hopeless cause for their city. Right now even if a Seer controls the

entire land with their seeing stone they will never get the opportunity

to stand unattacked at their stone for more than a few seconds to actually

make use of that domination.

This treaty is aimed at saving the Seers as a profession, it is not biased

towards any one Seer guild in particular. This treaty can only work if all

understand that using farsight to rob stalls is counterproductive on almost

every front and many have spilled their blood needlessly over a battle

that should not be. I have no problem with spilling blood, but I do have a

problem that in all this a very precious skill that Avalon can boast as

being truely inspired and original has been totally lost and misused.


Written by my hand on the 14th of Agamnion, in the year 1076.