Stone War.

While I am not Plaman, I have been somewhat involved in the discussions around this proposal and as such I feel able to answer your question. Obviously, this is just my view of the 'plan'.

The treaty may sound complex, the concept behind it, and the motivation for it, is fairly easy to understand. We have all grown tired of fighting 'other peoples battles' and while Thakria is fully prepared to continue defending and maintaining our co

ntrol of the Mystics and Prophets seeing stones we would like to consider other options. Many of us would quite like to get back to business as usual.

Over the last few months so notable members of the Seers profession have been teamed, stripped, killed and generally hunted day and night. Sarale, Rei, Pyrious, Amadeus, Dirl and Tleiaxu can barely lose DP for a moment without being attacked in large

numbers. I know this because I often do the hunting. While this killing is 'required' it is not something I, and many others like me, particularly wish to do. By the same token I know that we are all bored of trying to keep these individuals alive

every hour of the day.

The only reason I hunt Mystics is to keep them from performing stone work, keep them from freeing their stones which would in turn give them the potential to attack into Thakria and empty our shops and stalls. This treaty proposes that we remove that

risk by banning the Seers professions from attacking shops and stalls. In return, the signing members of the Seers profession (Seers, Mystics and Prophets) will be allowed to continue their stone war without outside interference. By which I mean, I

mean we would agree to stop killing Seers, Mystics and Prophets on sight and let all seers guilds go about their business. Obviously if they attacked me, or attacked members of my city then I would retaliate as expected, but simply doing 'stone work

' would be not be a reason to kill them.

I hope this explains the motivation behind this treaty and therefore answers your question regarding its terms.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 1076.