After essencing today for over 4 hours in preparation for the contests to resume next week I find that I am unable to source any evoked lestagii or sata for the duration of the tournement.

This policy has not been publicised and so I find myself offered the choice of buying it from a shop. If this 'policy' had been posted, say, at the beginning of the tournement, I would have perhaps spent the 4 hours I spent essencing today running gol

d quests and perhaps focussed my dp time on gold questing rather than helping my guildmembers etc etc.

Far from evening the playing field - this policy has put me and I'm sure a fair few others at an extreme disadvantage. My total wealth of 1300 coin will likely buy 30ish lestagii, far fewer than I was hoping to source through essencing.

So I say thank you Animists for your well planned and 'fair' policies.

At least now everyone is aware of them.


Written by my hand on the 11th of Mournsend, in the year 1076.