New Avalon website.

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

The new Avalon website is live. Check out and remember

to do a reload if you have the previous site cached.

We are looking for player sites to be listed on the site so any of suitable

quality, please report them to me so I can have them added.

You will also notice in the 'history' section a rollcall, updated directly

from the land with all prominent mortals. Some of you have written histories

and I want to invite more contributions in that vein ... if you want to

see something written about your character, talk to me.

Comments on the new site will be appreciated. Some of the graphical

content will be updated over the next week or two but structurally and

functionally, it's all there. Enjoy.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Midwinter, in the year 1076.