fields up bt greenys edge.

Druid Fitzroy of Parriusto Everyone


i would like to request the return of my personal crops.

for the second year running they have been harvested without my knowledge.

I appreciate plamans' advice about fields with thakrian flags, but it is a shame the post was written after the harvest had taken place.


last year the crops were stolen while i was trying to harvest. no thakrian flags had been placed there. in fact all involvement with thakria was denied by the \"stolen by mercinae\" signs that overwrote my rental agreement


i will refrain from using the fields in the future but, as you may appreciate, the crops & seeds from 18 personal fields is rather a bitter pill to have to swallow 2 years running, especially by someone who trys to deal fairly & evenly with EVERY cit

izen of avalon

thanks for your patience. fitz

Written by my hand on the 20th of Hindyear, in the year 1075.