My intentions to parrius.

Sir Dunccan, the Lion of Mercinaeto Everyone

Parrius, Parrians of all sizes, ages,fighters and pacifists, nobles and commoners alike.

Only Parrian i want dead is Zenichiro.

To the other parrians, my friends. alot of parrians are my friends. you know me, i have NO ill will to parrius despite everything in warfare despite zenis attempts to make you believe i want to attack parrius, i say Zenichiro dont put any words in my

mouth, I say, Parrians, if you are being attacked by enemies, like threap slaughtering meerkat, just call and i will help

Like helping newbies find their way home, like helping other novices with quest information and fighting tips. like giving a smile to some of you or even a kiss, let me say this, i have NO ill will to parrius. none whatsoever, but if i saw zenichiros

head on a pike outside my guild walls i wouldnt cry over it very much. hehe.

Anyway, Parrians you got a friend in me, even though zeni might not want to let you think so.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Springflower, in the year 1074.