Marquis Arikarr D'Malachiato Everyone

Zenichiro has no need to justify his actions, or make excuses for anything

he may choose to say and do. Why? because he has won the freedom to act as

he sees fit by right of conquest.

He has the armies, you, springtown, do not. You have lost. I suggest you lie

down and die, or perhaps beg for mercy? Personally, I hope Zenichiro burns

your pathetic collection of safe rooms, hidey-holes, divinely protected chambers

shops, comms sheds, barracks and all the rest to ashes. Then, just as you rebuild, I

hope that he does it again. Or better still, Thakria gets you.

I hope that each citizen who dares to bear the name of your poxy little village

gets teamed, stripped and runs home crying every day. And I pray, pray to the

Gods of Evil, Darkness and Vengeance that *I* am there to laugh as I grind my

heels in your faces and spit on your childrens rotting corpses!

Oh, but why such vitriol, Arikarr? Why such anger?

Because these were the things said and done to me and my home when I was young.


get o

put o in cauldron


Yes... I *REMEMBER* how you forced Panaideos to crawl and beg before you, and theb

you burnt our homes anyway.

Don't talk to me of being persecuted. You don't know how it feels...Yet.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Midwinter, in the year 1074.