As I believe was posted yesterday to your city board, a generous offer has been made. That is, if the main culprits are willing to step up and accept the burden of responsibility themselves, IE, The Paladins and Prophets guilds, as well as a number of

prominent citizens, Orinoko, Blueskull, Porthos, Ghandarin, yourself, etc, then the city at large may well be saved a great deal of pain and suffering.

That as I had already explained is the difference between those two guilds being razed, and the city having been left entirely alone. As yet, I still have no reply.

You chastise me for not having fulfilled a promise, however that promise became void after my chat with Orinoko. However, there was another promise I made which I have also failed to deliver on, and so as to please you I shall immediately begin razing

your city.

I apologise for my tardiness

Written by my hand on the 13th of Agamnion, in the year 1073.