Shame of Parrius.

Finbar, Spirit of the Stagto Everyone

In the prior post, Zenichiro infomed all of Avalon that all were to await the

terms of surrender from Parrius which shall be forthcoming tomorrow. Today, is

tomorrow, and no terms have been posted. Instead, soley to assauge his fragile

ego, Zenchiro, on behalf of the City of Parrius, has commenced raizing the

shops of Springdale. When I confronted him directly, this was the exchange:

Finbar says, There is nothing to take, cept the

locations, is this your idea of terms?.

670h, 545m cdefi(-) Embroidery stock-room.

Zenichiro, Guardian of the East is here.

You can discern no hidden presences here.

670h, 545m cdefi(-)

The embers of your pipe give off a pleasing aroma.

670h, 545m cdefi(-)

Your rune-bug picks up words

Zenichiro tells Finbar, Yep.

That Zenchiro has lied bold face to all of Avalon, is not a surprise. That he

has done so in the name of Parrius is a shame on all of its citizenry.

Destroy the city, it will not stop Springdale, nor will it stop the citizens of

Parrius who have sat idle and allowed these lies to live in any peace outside

of their own walls. Stay in large groups for I come to hunt each of you.

Each citizen, by their silence, has tacitly approved of Zenichiro's lies and

gluttony. You shall each pay the price.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Hindyear, in the year 1073.