My little bed time story.

Blotto, The Red Tideto Everyone

It was a beautiful night on the sea, the pirates had been fishing and drinking all day. but with every day, night falls, and the pirates returned to their docks.

As the pirates embeleshed in the fruits of the hops an unknown nemesis crept up. It was an over confident white stag from the nw.

This stag took advantage of the pirates inebriation, and commenced to steal their goods and food while they relaxed in the bar.

When the pirates woke up the next morning, they realized what had happened, for hooved footprints lead a trail all the way back to the stag's cave.

Little did the stag know that his overbearing body had left a trecherous route to himself.

At the next nightfall, the pirates plotted and schemed and took action when the stag was sure to be fast asleep, or mulling over his new found possessions.

They departed out, and while the stag had it back turned gloating, the pirates snuck up behind, and ended their pain.

A bed time story from the other side of the fence.


Written by my hand on the 16th of Ilmarael, in the year 1073.