Upcoming quest for the Moonstone.

Damocles, the god of chaosto Everyone

As noted, the quest for the Divine Moonstone is scheduled to occur shortly (see News posting 101). As always, for the winner comes the gift of the voice, and more importantly, contendership for Ordination.

For those interested in information regarding format and qualifications, I offer a few details:

1) There will be 3 stages to the quest, with at least some portions involving direct combat. With the trend of late being to band together in large groups to fight, this quest will ignore that sad fact and focus primarily on the individual and their

ability to defend themselves and that which they hold.

2) Historically, while focusing on skill, my quests measure stamina as well. This quest will be no different. Should you choose to attend, expect to spend a good bit of time involved.

I wish good luck to all who choose to attend - even if you feel you are not yet worthy to contend in a Gem-quest, anything CAN happen. I encourage all to participate if not for the chance to win, then for the opportunity to measure yourself against t

he very best of the land. If you do plan to compete, please send me a message as soon as possible. While this is not required, it will assist in making everything flow more smoothly come quest-time should I have some idea of the numbers we will be d

ealing with.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Midwinter, in the year 1073.