Your recent concerns.

I'm glad that you have brought this to the forefront, Ragar.

As you've pointed out, such aspects of the land are difficult to keep just

and fair if it is not enforced by the individual upon his or herself; the

gods of this land are not ever present and can't be constant policemen.

Consider that many items stolen from novices are stolen by novices, as are

many of the slayings which take place. In general, fighting experience of

any kind for those novices who wish to partake in such activities is

vital. They will then explore and learn how to defend both themselves and

their items. Of course, during the early days of a player's life this

aspect is a matter of degrees.

Generally, novices are often of similar skills and life experience and

thus very little is stolen or many deaths occur.

A novice may wish to abstain from active hostility but the learning

experience of having to deal with it can be vital. Pacifism or animistry

exist, after all, if a lifelong abstention is preferred.

That said, on a personal level, I won't stand by and allow mortals who

aren't on the LW list and are clearly beyond that stage in their Avalon

life to attack true youngsters. All must have an opportunity to find their

feet in Avalon; not mollycoddled but encouraged to contend and thrive.

I will act very strongly against culprits. Inform me of instances of

abuse; I'll take it seriously.

Those of you who do prey upon the young, be warned. Regardless of my

brethren deities I intend to take a pro-active stance.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Ilmarael, in the year 1072.