On the 10th day of Eleuthral 986, you made me the happiest woman in the land. I wanted to take this public opportuntiy, to let you know, that for the past 100 years, I have smiled with you, cried for you, and bled for you, and I would not swap one se


I was reading back through my tomes that I spend writing daily, and saw in each page, the true meaning of love. That being the relationship, best friends, counterparts and peers all share. In our time together, you have been all three, and no one cou

ld take your place.

So Omacron, from me to you - Just because you are very special to me.


Your wife, Bumble

(Apologies for the slightly early posting, I may not be here at the correct time).

P. S. The drinks are all on Omacron.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Eleuthral, in the year 1072.